Jessica Winter

Winter Lab QSTORM Research

Jessica Winter – Chemical Engineer

QSTORM nickname: The Illuminator

Creates and controls quantum dots (QDs) – amazing nanoscale crystals that emit brightly glowing flourescent light.

Brief Bio and QSTORM role

Jessica is an associate professor of chemical and biomedical engineering at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Her QSTORM role is to develop controllable light sources that will be used to illuminate particular structures inside living cells so they can be imaged with sophisticated STORM microscopy techniques.

She is working with quantum dots (QDs) – tiny nanoscale crystalline semiconductors that can be tuned to emit very bright light of a chosen color.

Her main challenge is to figure out how to selectively switch the QDs on and off from outside the organism.

An interview with Jessica on her QSTORM research…

Inside Scoop

Editor: Jessica, in what ways do you feel that you don’t fit the stereotype of a scientist?

Jessica: I like to think that I am “cool” although my family might beg to differ. My husband and I compete in ballroom dancing, not your usual scientific stuff. I’m also pretty feminine. I wear a lot of pink, have a pink computer, and a pink labcoat. And, I’m from Texas…

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“Jessica’s Dream”: An animation in 3-D. 1 min 30 sec. See how New England Institute of Art students interpreted Jessica’s quest to control quantum dots.