Peter Kner

Kner Lab QSTORM Research

Peter Kner – Microscopist

QSTORM nickname: The Visualizer

Develops microscopes that can be used to image tiny sub-cellular structures with extraordinarily high resolution.

Brief Bio and QSTORM role

Peter Kner is an assistant professor of engineering at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.

Trained in physics, engineering, and optics at MIT and the University of California – Berkeley, Peter’s current research focuses on the development of techniques of super-resolution microscopy and adaptive optics for biomedical applications.

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Peter’s QSTORM role is to design and build the imaging tools and techniques needed to resolve the tiny points of light produced by the quantum dots into detailed images that reveal processes occurring inside living cells.

He is relying on Jessica to synthesize the “switchable” QDs he needs to make his imaging methods work. He is relying on Ge and Beth to get those QDs tethered to particular structures they are studying inside living cells.

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Inside Scoop

Editor: In what ways do you feel that you don’t fit the stereotype of a scientist?

Peter: I’ve taken a longer route to get where I am than many engineering professors. I took two years off between undergraduate and graduate school. I worked briefly for a fashion TV show in New York. Then I did an internship at DaimlerBenz in Stuttgart, Germany. After that …

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