Peter Kner – Students

Peter Kner – Lab Team

Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Thomas, Graduate Student

Education Background – BS in Agricultural Engineering with a focus in mechanical systems from the University of Georgia – Athens.

I am currently working on MS in Biological Engineering. My project involves the application of Adaptive Optics to fluorescence microscopy. Adaptive Optics systems usually consists of a wavefront sensor, in this case a Shack Hartmann Wavefront Sensor (SHWS), and an optical correction element, we will be using a Mirao 52e deformable mirror. The SHWS works by splitting a point source, or “guide star”, that travels through the aberrating medium into an array of Shack Hartmann “spots” by using a lenslet array. Aberrations in the sample will cause the “spots” to shift, this displacement can be used to determine the wavefront. Specifically, my research involves the implementation of the Adaptive Optics system to measure and correct the optical aberrations in C. elegans using microbeads and GFP as the “guide stars.”

My interests outside of work are movies, music, and video games.

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Andrew Herrington

Andrew Herrington, Graduate Student

I started my academic career at Georgia Tech with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After graduating I worked in the biotech industry for a couple of years and found it just wasn’t for me. Engineering was the reason I got into my field to begin with, not lab work. I found a posting for the position Dr. Kner was offering and gave him a call. So, I’ve been at UGA working on my MS in Biological Engineering since.

I am actually an Athens, GA native, which is rare in this town. Most people would say I am easy going and that I never take myself too seriously. My hobbies/interests include reading, electronics/computers, and whatever Dr. Kner tells me is my current interest! Seriously, I get to read and learn about cutting edge techniques being developed at this very moment. Not many people can say that.

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Kayvan Tehrani

Kayvan Tehrani

Kayvan Tehrani, Ph.D. Student

My background is in Electronics Engineering, I did my bachelor’s degree in Tehran, Iran.

After doing the Bsc degree, I started to work as a research and development Engineer in the field of Communication, signal distribution and monitoring. It was then that I was introduced to the field of optics, through a colleague of mine. Therefore I moved to Nottingham, UK to pursue my Msc in Optical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, it was continued in another research program at the same university on Label-free bio-sensing techniques. After finishing that project I came to the University of Georgia for a Ph.D. program.

Outside the lab, I like watching international movies, learning about different countries/cultures, learning languages, drawing, swimming, cooking, barbequing.

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