Jianquan Xu

Jianquan Xu – Post Doc

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QSTORM nickname: Post-Doc

Expert in synthesis of biocompatible luminescent silica nanoparticles.

Brief Bio and QSTORM role

Jianquan Xu joins the QSTORM team in the fall of 2011 as a Post-Doctoral student. He is starting out in Jessica Winter’s lab at Ohio State.

This image shows the glow produced by silica nanoparticles “doped” (conjugated) with multi-color dyes.

Here, the glowing nanoparticles illuminate specific biological structures to which they have been tagged.

Jianquan trained in chemical engineering and physical chemistry at Jilin University. Jilin University is in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in northeast China. His graduate research has focused on the development of targeted silica nanoparticles (SNPs) that could safely transport luminescent dyes into organisms to “label” particular biological structures.

Jianquan’s QSTORM role is to explore the use of silica nanoparticles as alternatives to quantum dots as the source of luminescence for super-resolution imaging inside living cells. He may spend time at each of the QSTORM labs, getting acquainted with the variety of biological imaging challenges QSTORM team members are tackling.

Inside Scoop

Editor: In what ways do you feel that you don’t fit the stereotype of a scientist?

Jianquan: I don’t think I look like a traditional scientist, especially the “stereotypical” one. I am young, full of energy and passion. I never bind myself to the so-called “dogmas.”

I have lots of interests outside of chemistry. I like fashion, and I like exercise. Soccer is my favorite.

From my point of view, chemists are very cool, because we play with molecules and atoms. What could
be cooler than that!

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