Jessica’s Dream

QSTORM animation - Jessica's Dream

See how New England Institute of Art students interpreted Jessica’s quest
to control quantum dots.
Jessica, a Texas-born chemist and yoga devotee, loses her cool in the laboratory as experiment after experiment fails. She’s determined to find a way to control the luminescence of Quantum Dots so that they can be imaged clearly through a microscope. She tries lasers, chemical changes, anything she can think of. (Meanwhile, from the little QDs’ points of view, a lot of weird things are happening in their tiny universe.) It all goes to show that in science, as in many other endeavors, success sometimes comes only after many failures; and inspiration can emerge from odd places, including dreams.

3D animation by New England Institute of Art animation team: Becky Goguen, Michael Lowe, Diego Aguirre, and John Anderson; with guidance by instructor Jason Wiener, client Carol Lynn Alpert, and scientific advisor Jessica Winter. © 2010 Museum of Science.

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