Jessica Winter – Students

Jessica Winter – Lab Team

Gang Ruan

Gang Ruan, Research Scientist

Dr. Gang Ruan is currently a research scientist at the Ohio State University. Working with Dr. Jessica Winter since 2007, he has developed a family of novel nanocomposites based on micelle-templated self assembly. The wide spectrum of applications of these nanocomposites ranges from tracking single molecules to delivering drugs and imaging tumors.

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Qirui Fan

Qirui Fan, Ph.D. Student

I finished my B.S. in Pharmaceutical Engineering at Zhejiang University, China. Currently I am a first year Ph.D. student in Dr. Winter’s group at The Ohio State University.

Before joining in the QSTORM project, I was working with polymers for biological applications. Now we are trying to use photo cleavable polymers or photo sensitive polymers to fabricate light switchable quantum dots. In addition, I’m also synthesizing doped quantum dots which are inherently light switchable.

When I am free, I like to listen to music, read some books and play badminton.

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Kalpesh Mahajan

Kalpesh Mahajan, Graduate Student

I am a second year grad student in Dr. Winter’s lab. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai, India.

I joined Dr. Winter’s lab in 2010. In the QSTOM project we are working on supplying micelle coated quantum dots and developing the protocol for microinjecting these quantum dots into cells.

Besides research, I enjoy playing volleyball, racquetball, squash. I also like biking.

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Prashanth Peketi

Prashanth Peketi, Undergraduate Student

Hey! I’m Prashanth Peketi, a second year Materials Science and Engineering student at The Ohio State University. I joined Dr. Winter’s lab in September, 2012, and have been working on the nano particle projects since. Aside from research, I work as a Resident Adviser in the Taylor Tower honors residence hall, am on the executive boards for Engineers for Community Service and Romophos Sophmore Class Honorary, and I enjoy playing tennis and soccer in my free time.

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Nikita Kevlich

Nikita Kevlich, Undergraduate Student

Nikita Kevlich joined Dr. Jessica Winter’s lab during the summer of 2012 in order to work on an honors thesis. Prior to coming to Dr. Winter’s lab, he completed a DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program (2011) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under the mentorship of T. Yong-Jin Han. Nikita also conducted summer research for Dr. Andre Palmer (2009) and Dr. L. James Lee (2010) at The Ohio State University.

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Kristi Olesik

Kristi Olesik, Undergraduate Student

I am currently a senior undergraduate in Chemical Engineering and have been working in Dr. Winter’s lab since freshman year. Since joining the group I have been working on evaluating the toxicity of nano-sized imaging agents, which will include the QSTORM particles.
Outside of engineering, my academic interests are Spanish, international culture and development, and health. In my free time I enjoy, rock climbing, playing soccer, and playing guitar.

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