Ge Yang

Yang Lab QSTORM Research

Ge Yang – Biomedical Engineer

QSTORM nickname: The Nerve

Investigates the mechanism of cargo transport inside nerve cells. What makes them fire? How do they pass signals along?

Brief Bio and QSTORM role

Originally from China, Ge Yang is an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and computational biology at Carnegie Mellon University. He studies nervous system function and the effects of neurodegenerative disease.

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Ge will attempt to apply the QSTORM imaging technique to the nerve cells of fruit flies, seeing if it will help him study the traffic flow of resources and materials through the individual cells that make up the organism’s nervous system.

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Inside Scoop

Editor: In what ways do you feel that you don’t fit the stereotype of a scientist?

Ge: Well, my doctoral training was in engineering (micro-robotics), so I do not quite see myself entirely as a scientist. Scientists are interested in understanding why and how, whereas engineers try to create something that does not exist.

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