Ge Yang – Students

Ge Yang – Lab Team

Qinle Ba

Qinle Ba

Qinle Ba, Ph.D. Student

Qinle received her undergraduate degree in applied biological science from Zhejiang University. She joined Dr. Ge Yang’s lab in 2013. She is setting up a lab platform of microfabrication and microcontact printing for the culture and imaging of single neurons. She will use magnetic tweezers to control the movement of nanoparticles in those neurons, and study the molecular dynamics and mechanics of the axonal transport.

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Yiyi Yu

Yiyi Yu, Ph.D. Student

Yiyi is a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

She attended Zhejiang University in China from 2006-2010 and earned an undergraduate degree in biology. Her role in the QSTORM project is to work with Professor Ge Yang to apply the quantum dot imaging technique to the study of the axonal transport system in cultured primary neurons. She will microinject mutant motor proteins – conjugated with quantum dots – into primary neurons,  and study the behavior of their fluorescent-tagged cargo, such as mitochondria, through imaging and computation.

Besides her work, Yiyi enjoys watching movies and traveling.

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Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee, Undergraduate Student


I’m a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, double majoring in chemical engineering and biomedical engineering. I am working with Dr. Yang and Breanna to microinject quantum dots into pc12 cells (derived from the adrenal medulla of the rat).

Beyond lab work, I enjoy listening to music and playing the clarinet as well as dabbling in culinary arts.

Breanna Stillo

Breanna Stillo, Undergraduate Student


I am going to be a Junior at Carnegie Mellon double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering with a strong interest in computer science. I started working on the QSTORM project in Ge Yang’s lab at the beginning of this summer towards the goal of microinjecting quantum dots
into PC12 cells.

Outside of the lab, I am on the CMU swim team and love
to draw and play guitar.