Beth Brainerd – Students

Beth Brainerd – Lab Team

Kris Stover

Kris Stover

Kris Stover, Ph.D. Student

I am a second year graduate student at Brown University working with Beth Brainerd on the QSTORM project. I studied biological science at Ohio University in 2009 and got a master’s in marine biology at College of Charleston, SC in 2012. My research interests revolve around the effects of domestication on the skeleton and associated musculature, specifically in turkeys. I am working on doing double immuno-staining for imaging muscle and then transitioning to quantum dots for QSTORM.

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Tom Anzivino

Tom Anzivino

Tom Anzivino, Undergraduate Student

I’m a pretty average guy. The things that set me apart are my love for dogs, my wilderness survival skills, and my scientific ambition. In regard to my education, fall 2013 I will begin my first semester as a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island. My major, biotechnology, was designed specifically to give me more lab skills and scientific knowledge than the typical freshman. Though this made for a challenging first year, I have gotten through the experience no worse for ware and am now done with more than half of my requisite sciences. This leaves my academic schedule open for the classes that I haven’t gotten the chance to study yet. I am looking forward to my time working on QSTORM. My part in this project will be focused on muscle cell imaging using quantum dots.

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Cally Harper

Cally Harper, Ph.D. Student

My background is a bit untraditional because my undergraduate degree is in Psychology. After graduating from Connecticut College in 2001, I decided to pursue my interests in Biology and I worked as a technician for a few years. In 2007, I completed my Master’s work in marine mammal biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Later, I jumped right into the PhD program at Brown University and currently I am a 4th year graduate student working with Beth Brainerd on the QSTORM project.

I am involved with muscle imaging for the QSTORM project. Right now, we are in the beginning stages and we are practicing our microinjection techniques with fluorescent dyes. We are also learning how to prepare and process muscle tissue for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). When we start using quantum dots, we would like to localize where the quantum dots are in the muscle tissue with TEM.

Outside the lab, I am very interested in photography, painting, and sculpture. I also enjoy being outside – either hiking or on the water.

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Julia Olszewski

Julia Olszewski, Undergraduate Student

I’m a Junior concentrating in Marine Biology at Brown University.

I have been working with Cally and Dr. Brainerd towards the goal of microinjecting quantum dots into zebrafish muscle. We would like to be able to accurately measure the lengths of the thick and thin filaments.

When I’m not in lab, I play the cello, hang out with my friends, and study.

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Natividad Chen

Natividad Chen, Lab Research Assistant

I graduated from Brown University in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in marine biology. Currently, I am a lab research assistant in the Brainerd lab.

If I’m not immuno-staining muscle fibers with Qdots or imaging slides on the confocal for Qstorm, then I’m probably rotoscoping bones in the Brainerd lab or helping Kris with her turkeys. I like to spend my free time drawing, exercising and hanging out with friends.

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Emily Zhang

Emily Zhang, Undergraduate Student

I’m a sophomore planning to concentrate in Applied Math-Biology at Brown University.

This is the first research project that I have ever been in and I’m very excited about it now. I will definitely learn a lot from Professor Brainerd during this research.

If I’m not in the lab, I would be in Sayles for ballroom practice. I love dancing! Also I enjoy playing badminton and hanging out with friends.

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Gordon Wade

Gordon Wade, Undergraduate Student

I am currently a sophomore at Brown University. I am planning to concentrate in Biology. I am very excited to be working on this project. Right now, I’m learning about muscle interaction on a molecular level. More broadly, this is a great opportunity for me to get some hands on experience in the lab, and apply some of the techniques I’ve learned about in class. When not working on this project, I spend my time running the Brown chapter of Nourish International, with the goal of eliminating extreme poverty.

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