QSTORM at Diamondpalooza!

CL-icon-smallLast week, the MOS team organized a Diamond Quantum Technologies Visualization and Education Workshop at Harvard focused on developing strategies for sharing diamond nitrogen-vacancy center research with public audiences and students in higher education.  Karine shared “Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM” with the group, which included leading diamond NV researchers, author and illustrator David Macaulay, and NOVA filmmaker Larry Klein.  We used the QSTORM presentation to show the group how we develop a public presentation about complex research areas involving interdisciplinary collaboration.  Diamond NV’s are being pursued as sources of intense illumination for biological imaging, and Ron Walsworth’s lab at Harvard has been partnering on a super-resolution technique using them with Stefan Hell, this year’s Nobel Prize-winner in biological imaging.  The workshop was sponsored by the NSF Science-Technology Center for Integrated Quantum Materials.  (Carol Lynn is co-director and Karine leads the informal science education team.)

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