NSF News features Jessica’s iTunes Podcast

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On Friday, September 12, the National Science Foundation’s NSF 360 News Service featured a Museum of Science iTunes podcast with Jessica Winter.  In the podcast, Jessica speaks with QSTORM’s Karine Thate about her latest efforts to commercialize quantum dot technologies through the development of a new nanomanufacturing process combining electrospray and self-assembly.  The new process will enable Jessica to scale up production of her customized micelle-encapsulated quantum dots and “mag dots” for use in biomedical diagnostics.  The effort is an outgrowth of Jessica’s prior work, including the QSTORM collaboration, and is funded through NSF’s Scalable Nanomanufacturing program (Award #1344567 to Ohio State University, with a sub-award to the Museum of Science).  The podcast was produced by Karine Thate and Susan Heilman at MOS in July.   (Maybe NSF 360 will also soon pick up Karine’s podcast interview with Peter Kner, recorded in August.)

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