Practically 2D Paper Microscope Poised to Crowd-Source Malaria Diagnostics

CL-icon-small-2While Peter Kner and Kayvan have been working on improving one of the world’s most sophisticated experimental super-resolution microscopes, a Stanford biophysicist has been striving to develop the world’s cheapest microscope; capable – in one highly anticipated application – of allowing virtually anyone to distinguish malaria from a host of other bacterial diseases and so target treatment effectively.  The New York Times reported the Foldscope, printed on die-cut paper, “can be assembled in several minutes and can have a resolution approaching 700 nanometers. (Science Tools Anyone Can Afford, 4/22/14).  The scope weighs “less than two nickels, requires no outside power, can project a high-resolution page on a wall, and fits in a pocket.”  You can see the inventor, Manu Prakash, introducing Foldscope on YouTube.  Soon every schoolchild will have one.

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