QSTORM Organizes Ideas Lab Session at AAAS 2015

CL-icon-small-2The February 2015 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science will feature a 3-hour symposium  on how the one-week 2010 NSF Innovations in Biological Imaging and Visualization (IBIV) Ideas Lab generated three remarkable cross-disciplinary research projects among researchers unknown to each other upon arrival. “When Experts Collide: Driving Cross-Cutting Innovation in Bio-Imaging & Informatics” will feature Jessica Winter and Peter Kner from QSTORM, Ruth West and Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne from “ImageQuest: Citizens Advancing Biology with Calibrated Imaging and Validated Analysis,” and Surangi Punyasena from “Biological Shape-Space: Applying Machine Learning to the Fossil Pollen Record.”  The Symposium will also include Chuck Liarakos, Senior Advisor at the NSF Biological Sciences Directorate; Ed Rosa-Molinar, the IBIV Principal Investigator, from the University of Puerto Rico; and Andy Burnett, the Ideas Lab organizer.  Yours truly will serve as moderator.  We anticipate some lively discussion on what it takes to make these kinds of high-risk, high-reward collaborations yield innovative results, and how NSF is evaluating this funding and review format against more typical approaches. Many thanks to Section Y of AAAS, which voted this proposal #1 and gave it the endorsement that allowed it to sail through the AAAS symposium review process.

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    Congrats on your hard work Carol Lynn.


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