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Ge’s NSF Career Award

Congratulations to Ge who recently received an NSF CAREER Award to support his research on “image-based computational methods for understanding spatiotemporal dynamics of cellular processes.” Wonderful news!

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New Student in Kner Lab

Hi, I want to introduce Kayvan Tehrani, a new PhD student in my lab who will be working on QSTORM. He’s just arrived in the US after doing an MS at the University of Nottingham. Best, Peter

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Dr. Winter, There are two issues with nanorod: First, I can’t find the exact size used in the literature (they synthesized nanorod by themselves). The closest one (but smaller) is d = 10nm, Long size = 24nm, SPR peak = more »

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Report of QDs used in 3D 30 nm real-time localization microscopy of single synaptic vessels

Hello QStormers, I think you should take a look at H. Park, Y. Li, R. Tsien, “Influence of Synaptic Vesicle Position on Release Probability and Exocytotic Fusion Mode” in Science Vol. 335, March 16, 2012, pp 1362-4. They used streptavidin-coated more »

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Preliminary result for photo-reversible QD

Hi guys, I have got some preliminary result for the photo-reversible QD. At this time, the contrast between bright state and dark state is only 17.1%, but it finally starts to work. Photo-switching on is achieved by 350nm laser from more »

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Data for Switchable Particles

Peter, I would like to schedule a meeting with you to go over some data Qirui got on the switchable particles. He has some exciting results, but your system is much better suited to these analyses than ours. What does more »

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QSTORM honors thesis: measuring thick filament lengths

For my senior honors thesis in Beth Brainerd’s lab I used techniques I learned through QSTORM to investigate two questions: 1. Can confocal microscopy be used I place of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) for measuring thick filament lengths? 2. What more »

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