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New, smaller DSPE-PEG Qdots

Hi Jessica and everyone, To answer Jessica’s question about the new, smaller DSPE-PEG qdots — we tried one set of microinjections into zebrafish on 23 Jan with the new qdots — Image attached. The conditions were far from ideal — more »

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Next QSTORM Phone Meeting

Hi, So I think the plan was to have one more phone meeting before Woods Hole — I was reminded by the emails today. I’ve set up a doodle poll for a meeting the week of 3/5-3/9. Please indicate your more »

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Testing Mounting Media

Hi Peter and Andrew — We have mounted some rabbit psoas fibers (stained with Alexa 488) in the Fluoro-Gel, and have already sent or will send that slide to GA soon. A confocal image from the fibers is attached (this more »

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ZnSe Quantum Dots

Hi Jianqian and Jessica, We’ve finished doing some measurements on the Mn doped ZnSe quantum dots. After playing around with the excitation wavelength we measured about a 75% modulation depth for both the quantum dots in water and the quantum more »

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Modulation for Mn-doped ZnSe Quantum Dots

For the last couple of weeks we have been attempting to recreate the results found in a paper published by Dr. Stefan W. Hell regarding light modulation of Mn-doped quantum dots.  We also planned to compare the results between the more »

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Selecting a secondary antibody for QDs

Hi everyone, In our phone meeting last week we briefly touched the issue of picking a secondary antibody to conjugate with QDs. Of course, the discussion actually started when we were in Georgia. Here is the original suggestion from Beth’s more »

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QDs Micelles vs Bare QDs

Hi Jessica, Here’s our latest comparison of QDs in micelles and bare QDs. The data was taken with the QDs on a coverslip mounted in polyacrylamide over 60 minutes with the laser on the whole time. With the laser off more »

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Planning for March 20 Histochemical Society Meeting

Dear Colleagues, Let’s plan an our first monthly phone call of the new year! Peter, I think you volunteered to do the Doodle poll for this one. Do you still have time to do it? I’m also writing about the more »

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Winter Lab QSTORM Meeting – February Update

Friday, February 3, 2012 1. (Qirui) Single use commercial photo and reversible DNA-QD-Au a. 71% quenching, Peter would like more, larger particles did not make much improvement. b. use 15 nm gold and 525 nm QD COOH terminated, two complementary more »

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